Financial Success – How ready are you?

Being financially fit for success when it comes to business is not just about having some money in the bank. It goes way beyond that. In our opinion, there are 5 core areas, with commitment that will give you everything you need to become financially fit: 1) Mindset & team Positivity is key to growing a business; and so is … Read More

Reverse charge VAT for CIS

From 1st October 2020, HMRC are introducing a new reverse charge concept into the construction industry. The construction industry has been notorious for ‘missing trader’ or carousel fraud, HMRC originally brought in a specific scheme called ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ to tackle fraud and are now turning their focus to VAT within the construction industry. HMRC have recognised that the company’s … Read More

5 reasons why you should attend our Mastering Your Business Finances workshop

Gain practical skills that will allow you to make decisions quickly, effectively & decisively. We will focus on the foundations for any business that wishes to scale & grow effectively, with complete control & clarity. Here’s 5 reasons why we’d hate for you to miss out on our workshop, Mastering Your Business Finances: (1) Knowledge We have a mountain of … Read More

Making Tax Digital

What we know so far… As most are aware now through advertisements or word of mouth, HMRC have an incentive called Making Tax Digital that aims to revolutionise tax administration to make the tax system more effective and easier for tax payers to keep on top of their affairs by digitalising the way they manage their affairs. HMRC aim to … Read More

5 reasons why you should attend our FREE Xero Advance workshop

Not only will we touch on the basics, we’ll also cover a few aspects you may not know about just yet… Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should attend our FREE Xero Advance workshop: (1) Experience Here at Xebra Accounting, we have over 15 years of combined experience with Xero Cloud Accounting, learning and using the software every single … Read More

3 reasons why

3 reasons why small business owners don’t get an accountant or financial adviser to support them and why they should. Small business owners often put off taking advice from an accountant or financial adviser for a number of reasons. Here are the biggest reasons we’ve found and a few points behind why they should be avoided in the future… (1) … Read More

Your statutory accounts

What needs to be included? There are 4 main documents that must be included within a set of statutory accounts… A profit and loss account, a balance sheet, notes about the accounts and a directors’ report. Depending on the size of the company, an auditor’s report may also need to be included. Profit and loss account A profit and loss … Read More

Pension Scams

We are constantly told about the devastation left behind by scammers, yet they continue to happen. Pensions scams are on the increase and the Pensions Regulator has just published figures showing the average scam is £83,000 of lost funds. That is massive. Please do not fall victim to such scams – so here’s a few tips: Never respond to pension … Read More

At the click of a button

Managing your accounts should not be taking up your precious time, which is why we use Xero – Cloud Based Accounting for our clients and why we think you should too. As one of the first Accountancy firms to have adopted Xero, we are able provide you with an online solution for your business, so anything you need is readily … Read More