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Xero is the revolutionary new way to keep your bookkeeping in order and chase up money owed to you, all rolled together in a handy software package. For just £24 a month + VAT subscription you will have access to lots of great features that you will soon begin to wonder how you managed to do without.

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Cloud accounting lets you have your finances at your fingertips

Our team can help with everything from set up to everyday bookkeeping.
Xero gives you real-time accounting – you can even check it on your smartphone before you get out of bed!

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10 Reasons Why We Love Xero

  • Xero by Xebra

    Real Time Accounting

    Bank statements feed directly into the software meaning that at the click of a button you can see how much money you have, what’s going out and what’s coming in.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Regular Backups

    Its all backed up onto the cloud and takes up no server space, with no installation required, so no danger of losing your data.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Access it Out and About

    As long as you have internet access it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime by as many people as you want, from anywhere in the world.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Customise Your Invoicing

    Invoices and statements can all be customised and sent at the click of a button so no need for expensive stationery or postage.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Keep Track of Invoices

    Invoices are electronically traced so you can see who has opened it and when. The outstanding amount will automatically update when new invoices are raised.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Online Support

    There is awesome online support at no extra cost, plus training videos are all available online. This means no more phoning a call centre for help.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Scan Receipts with Your Phone

    The Xero app, allows you to photograph expense receipts and scan them directly into your accounts.

  • Xero by Xebra

    No Upfront Costs

    There are no up front costs and you pay as you go on a monthly basis so no sunk costs or subscriptions.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Easy to Use

    It’s a web page so everything is link based. Click in enough places and you will find what you are looking for.

  • Xero by Xebra

    Always Improving

    New features are added all the time so if you want something, just ask and it may be in the next update.

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