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Your numbers tell your financial story and should be consistent with your business performance. And if it is not, you need to know why.  We will always take the time to explain your numbers, and do so every year. Some accountants just produce numbers. We interpret them for you, tell you your financial story, and help you to progress your business so that it tells the story you want, and gives you the success you seek. We work with you  and target areas of your business that could be improved, and use our knowledge of dealing with hundreds of businesses to find ideas and solutions that will work for you.

Here's what we can do for you:

Annual budget

An annual budget lays out a company's projected income and expenses for a 12-month period.  We will work with you and your business to build a fully integrated, 12 month 3-way financial model. Budgeting the next financial year, with detailed analysis of all income costs.


Benchmarking is a powerful way of measuring your own business performance against others in your sector/industry. It gives you a number of key performance measures indicating with a traffic light system to see where you are performing. We produce a comprehensive but clear report that will enable you to focus on the key areas of improvement for your business. 

Business acquisitions & disposals

Whether you are selling, buying or valuing a business, raising finance, or just need strategic advice, it all requires careful consideration and expert guidance. We will look for and deal with acquisitions of businesses and disposals for all or part of your business. 

Business valuation

Knowing your business valuation is a good indicator of your business success is measured by third parties. Formal business valuations will be required if you sell your business or require certain types of funding. We will give your business this valuation to give you a better understanding.

Cash management programme

Cash management is perhaps the most important part of running a business. Whether chasing customer payments or preparing details cashflow forecasts, we can help you better manage your cash to ensure your business does not run out of working capital.

Director & trustee training

Directors and trustees have responsibilities set out in statute. It is important that they understand those responsibilities. We can attend director or trustee meetings to go through responsibilities or provide induction to new directors or trustees upon their appointment.

Financial forecasts & cashflow

Growing businesses should always prepare financial forecasts which cover the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cashflow. By integrating these 3 financial statements you can be assured that your proposed trading plan will not cause working capital issues. These plans will also be required by lenders.

Finance loan application

Financial loan applications require specific financial information. We will collate all the key information on your behalf and feed this into your application. Most lenders only give you one opportunity to apply for funds so it is important to get that first application correct.

Full business plan

A full business plan sets out the strategy of the business into the future. It will set out your goals and break down your objectives to achieve over the years, so that you have targets to work to each year. The narrative elements of your business plan are just as important as the financial forecasts as they tell your story, from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Goals & strategic review

For owner managed businesses the key goal should be to deliver the personal financial goals of the owner. Knowing those goals is therefore key in setting a business plan. We will work with you to identify your goals and agree a programme of actions to deliver those goals over your time scale.

Personal balance sheet

In order to fulfil your financial aspirations you should prepare a personal balance sheet of your wealth, recording your assets and liabilities. Over time this should grow to reflect the achievement of your financial goals. We will help you to prepare this document and go over all essential information needed to take the right steps forward for your business.

Personal tax planning

Whilst we will cover annual tax and remuneration planning as part of our routine services, a more substantial planning review may be necessary from time to time, particularly when considering inheritance, succession, capital gains and exit planning. If necessary we will take the time to plan with you and provide all relevant information.

Pre-year end tax planning

Looking at your remuneration and tax consequences with a view to minimising your tax liabilities and maximising your take home remuneration. This will include dividends, salary, benefits and other forms of remuneration. We will also review the businesses capital expenditure and allowances, the availability of research and development tax relief, and other tax saving mechanisms.

Profitability review

The efficiency and effectiveness of business operations has a significant effect on profitability. Our review will look at sales, cost of sales and gross profitability. Including customer numbers, acquisition (gain) and attrition (loss) and look at the sensitivity of these numbers. We will also look at overhead costs.

Reference - business or personal

When borrowing money, particularly for personal mortgages, lenders will request certain financial information on your business and/or personal income. We will also be asked to complete forms to set out this information over the past 3 years. 

90-day action plans

The best way to drive your business forward is to create 90-day action plans setting out the steps needed to be taken during the next 90 days to achieve your overall business plan. We will guide you through all the steps to create a detailed, well executed plan, four times a year.

Download our FREE 90-day financial plan template here to get you started.

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