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VAT registered businesses are required to complete VAT returns. This typically falls every 3 months, with payment due 5 weeks after each quarter end. VAT is an extremely complicated tax, governed by a huge amount of legislation. Realistically it is probably impossible to get it all right, but we are here to help.

Here's what we can do for you:

VAT return preparation

We will review the VAT return to make sure it is correctly compiled. We will check large or unusual items have been correctly accounted for, for VAT purposes. We will also reconcile the VAT return to your accounts and submit the return to HMRC using the MTD (Making Tax Digital) platform.

Annual VAT calculations

If sales include exempt sales, an annual calculation will be needed to check the VAT adjustment made to reflect those sales. Also, under certain circumstance an annual capital adjustment may be required. We will process this for your business.

EC sales list

An EC Sales List (ESL) is a report that has to be sent to HMRC by VAT-registered businesses who sell goods and services to other businesses in the wider EU. We will prepare the report and submit as appropriate.

Xebra Accounting | Our Services | VAT Services
Xebra Accounting | Our Services | VAT Services
Xebra Accounting | Our Services | VAT Services

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