Workshops / Webinars

We run a number of workshops throughout the year, including FREE Xero workshops and targeted business workshops. We want every business to gain absolute control over their finances, which will ultimately leave them to focus on growing the business. Our workshops will focus on different aspects of running your business and will give you the tools to make the changes necessary to take your business forward.

You will be provided with materials and will take home an action list with something you can do tomorrow to improve your business. Many attending build a long list, but we prefer to priorities such a list to the top three. That way there is a great chance they will actually happen!

Our workshops are held at our offices in Funtley, Fareham and last for two/three hours. Most workshops last for 2 hours and are usually held on site at our Funtley Court office. Xero workshops are normally completely free, with business workshops £25 per session. Take at look below to see what we have lined up.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be running our in house workshops until further notice. We will however, be running webinars. Take a look below at what we have coming up over the next few months. 

Please note: All our webinars are FREE throughout the period of lockdown. We want to give all businesses the opportunity to utilise all the resources available through this uncertain time.

Xero: Payroll

Complete with 4 short, simple videos to take you through the process of running a payroll on Xero Cloud Accounting.

  • Learn how to set up a payroll system
  • Understand how PAYE and NI work
  • Applying the workplace pension process
  • How to run a payroll
  • What and when to pay HMRC

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Xero: Expenses

Capture, track and manage your expenses with ease on Xero Cloud Accounting in our short video series.

  • Setting up an expense reimbursement system
  • Setting up an approval system for expenses
  • Minimise paper expenses
  • Ensure prompt processing of expenses

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Xero: Projects

  • What is the project function in Xero and what is it used for?
  • Benefits of using the project function in Xero
  • End result – Summary
  • How to set up a project
  • Invoicing clients, task set-up, time allocation & expenses

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Cash Flow Forecasting

  • What is the purpose of a cash flow forecast
  • Understand why you need cash to run your business
  • Understand the difference between cash and profit
  • 7 reasons for poor cash flow
  • 7 steps to prepare a cash flow forecast

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Loan Application Proposals

  • Understand the structure of a loan application
  • How the loan will benefit your business
  • The financial information you need
  • Working with a lender and keeping them onside

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Recovering Your Business

  • Innovate, re-engineer and adapt your business for recovery
  • Understand ways to minimise financial pressure on your business
  • Identify opportunities, vulnerabilities, challenges and risks
  • Pull everything together into a Business Recovery Plan

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