Less time, more money

Have you ever thought about how you may be missing out on important things in life that aren’t revolved around your business? Even if it is just a few hours spent having more “me time”. At Xebra Accounting we minimise your accountancy time and give you greater information than ever, so you make can make the right decisions to increase your profit and get more money in the bank.

Here’s 3 small things you can do to make more money while working less:

  • Create specific goals
  • Focus on your successes
  • Surround yourself with people who push you (figuratively speaking)

Create specific goals

Get specific on your goals and what type of things you would like to do in both your professional and personal life. How much money would you like to make? How much physical involvement would you like in your business? How many holidays would you like this year and next? Are there any businesses you know of that are at the stage you want to be at? Look at what they may be doing that you aren’t.

Don’t want to do it alone? We can help. We provide support in helping you achieve these specific goals. We will help you understand your numbers and set goals to help you achieve your bigger goal.

Focus on your successes

Do you have any previous successes that you are proud of? Why not replicate these successes and make small adjustments into future campaigns? If you know something works and makes you money, there is little reason for you to start something new, that will in turn create more work – leaving you with less time for all the other things you want to do!

We can use previous information and numbers to create an overview for the progression of your business. We can read the numbers from previous successes and inform you of what you should expect over certain periods of time (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly).

Surround yourself with people who push you (figuratively speaking)

Surround yourself with people who push you to do great things – who are there to guide, help, support and applaud your success. Use these people to take away the time from your business. You may be struggling with an idea that will make your business stand out, or you may want to talk through one you already have. These people will be able to push you in a direction that will not only save you time but take the pressure off of you.

Our team are those people. We guide, help, support and applaud your success as you take on your business. We can provide you with one-to-one sessions that will enable you to talk about the ideas and goals you have for your business and we will give you details on how they can make you more money as well.

Call us today on 023 8000 1313 to speak to a member of the team to arrange your one-to-one meeting. Take your next step towards saving you less time and making more money.