5 reasons why we think you should attend our 90 Day Financial Planning workshop

What will it take to make 2020 the best year yet for your business? Our 90 day financial planning session will allow you to look at what you need to achieve in the next 90 days, with the guidance & support from our team at Xebra. Here’s 5 reasons why we’d hate for you to miss out on our 90 Day Financial Planning workshop:

(1) Knowledge

We have a mountain of knowledge we want to share with you and in this particular workshop, we will be looking at  8 key areas that will ensure you have the correct resources, knowledge & planning techniques to help grow your business. We will look at your business & personal goals, review your past successes, look into budgeting & cash management and most importantly, plan for the next 90 days to ensure 2020 is your best business year yet!

(2) Other Business Owners

Each business owner will have their own story, their own experiences and their own struggles, some of which will be the same and we’d like to think you will be able to use each other (as well as us) to discuss new ways of working with your finances, including goals, budgets, and new ways to deal with cash flow. Some practices may work well for one person but not for another, using this session to discuss your experiences and struggles with each other and a member of our team can be so valuable for you and your business.

(3) Worth your time and money

We wouldn’t be running these workshops if it wasn’t worth your time and with the small fee of only £25 (including VAT), it will definitely be worth the money spent. Not only will we plan for the next 90 days but we will provide you with a vast amount of information that you can use in your day to day, alongside your new 90 day plan!

(4) Recommendation

100% of our previous attendees said they would recommend our workshop to another business owner. Here’s what one of our previous attendees said:

“Another great workshop! Every time I come to one of your workshops I come out with so much useful new information that I think my head will explode!” – Caroline Cutress

(5) Get to know us – Xebra Accounting

While we provide you with a fantastic workshop filled with lots of interesting insights, you will get a taste of what we are like as a company and see what we have to offer. You may be looking for a new accountant, you may be happy with your current accountant but are unaware of how much more we can give you. Our workshops will show you just that!

Want to book? We have a number of dates available for you to choose from, so have a look and see which one suits you best! Take a look at our workshop page to find out more: www.xebraaccounting.co.uk/workshops