Kurt Willis

Accountant Xebra Accounting

Kurt is a Client Relationship Manager with an ever increasing portfolio of clients.  Having completed his training with Xebra Accounting, he now seeks to move into a more advisory role, developing our management reporting and leading our Xero workshops.

In his spare time Kurt is a keen footballer and squash player.

What qualification are you currently studying towards….. I am studying towards being ACA Qualified which I hope to pass in the next 2 and a half years.

What I can do to help you and your business………Assist you with your business finances and help you look ahead and plan for a prosperous future.

How long have I been doing this……Officially under a year but I have been learning accounting throughout college and University as well as a year work placement.

Specialities: Accountant, Business Advisor, Xero Accounting, Tax Advice, Growth Strategist, Small Business Advisor.


If I was on death row my last meal would be…..Pizza, good Roast Dinner with sausage meat and some decent roast potatoes, but you can’t go wrong with a mega mixed grill.

If I had a time machine the one event I would go back to witness would be…..Anything where no one knows what really happened. Just so I could know.

First ever job…….Dealing with disgruntled customers regularly on the Customer Service desk at Primark.

Favourite holiday destination……Definitely Ibiza seeing as I have been there 3 times already!!

Favourite ever book….Dara O Briain’s Tickling the English is a good read.

Favourite season…..It used to be summer but I haven’t seen that for a few years so winter just for Christmas.

If I wasn’t doing this I would be…….Some job related to football. A commentator, Journalist or Analyst.

Which super hero would you be and why………Iron Man. Because I would be rich and be able to fly anywhere without using airports.

If I found a lamp my three wishes would be……To be able to see the future, to be able to stop time and all my family and friends to have successful lives.