Our workshops are extremely popular. Working in small groups we have workshops on many business issues as well as on Xero.

Xero workshops are held every month. They are targeted at those looking to use Xero and want to know more about how it works, as well as new users to Xero, keen to learn more. They are held on site at Funtley Court, last up to 2 hours and are free of charge.

Business workshops cover a vast range of subjects, typically either on subjects about improving and growing your business, and on topics of concern to business owners and managers, such as recently on GDPR. With HMRC’s next initiative being Making Tax Digital we will be covering what’s going on over the next few years as more digital tax services are introduced, with tax payers required to use them – and no more paper filing!

You will be provided with materials and will take home an action list with something you can do tomorrow to improve your business. Many attending build a long list, but we prefer to priorities such a list to the top three. That way there is a great chance they will actually happen!

Most workshops last for 2 hours and are usually held on site at our Funtley Court office. Xero workshops are normally completely free, with business workshops £25 per session.

Goal setting

  • Do you know where you want to be in 10 years time?
  • Do you know your personal and business goals?
  • Does your business pay for your life, or run your life?
  • Who is in control?

We spend time setting goals and ambitions with every client. They are so important to what you do and how you do it. If there are things you want, then we work out how much they will cost, and build a plan to pay for them.

By planning what you want you have the means to achieve your goals. A goal without a plan is just a dream – it will not happen unless you are lucky!

Our personal and business goals are typically interrelated – not always but they are for many people. Your earnings may be governed by how much you need. The extra holiday. Or private school fees. Higher income requirements mean smart planning to work out how you can achieve the extra income for least effort.

Goals change throughout your life, hence the need to revisit them annually. They may not change much, but any change needs to be included as soon as possible, to maximise the chance of it happening.

Credit Control

A new service combining the benefits of cloud accounting, real time accounts and chasing the collection of monies owing by customers.

Real time accounting, where customer receipts are dealt with very quickly upon receipt, means that the accounting system can be used to automate credit control.

Reminders can be sent out just before invoices become due for payment. Gentle reminders three days after they become due. Weekly reminders, with increasing urgency thereafter. And even thank you emails when paid!

Automating the process saves you time, and research suggests you will typically get paid three weeks quicker! That can have a major positive effect on your business overdraft!


Meetings with your accountant are treasure troves on value and useful information. We see so many businesses and so many great ideas, we can generally bring a few to each meeting with you. The more meetings we have the more we can help, which is what we want to do. Help you.

That is why we include an annual meeting with every client within our standard service offering.

Additional meetings are incredibly popular, and we know that hardly a meeting goes by when we cannot help with one thing or another. We can take away so many problems and solve them for you.

Regular meetings can be used to visit regular decisions within your business; to reassess your goals, long term and short term, to modify your strategy, to look at your best remuneration package, to begin preparing the business for sale. The list is endless.

Quarterly meetings is our most sought package. Some engage us monthly, particularly where we take on a more Finance Director role.

Succession planning

Planning your exit is always difficult. And there are many options.

The most important advice is to keep your succession or exit plans under consideration every year, even if only a few minutes, as they must be planned for to maximise the benefits.

Tax is particularly important, as the optimum tax for buyers and sellers are usually opposite, and failure to realise the implications before negotiations start may make all the difference between little tax and a hefty tax bill.

Guy Profile

Guy Robinson

Strategic Planner, Xero.

Guy Robinson is the founder and Managing Director of Xebra Accounting, specialising in strategic planning for small to medium sized businesses.

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