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Advisory services provide you with the greatest possible value. Typically the benefits from advice will improve your business by at least 5 times the investment.

We work with you to target areas of your business that could be improved, and use our knowledge of dealing with hundreds of businesses like yours to find ideas and solutions that will work for you.

Understanding your numbers

Your numbers are your financials; typically your profit and loss or income and expenditure statement, plus your balance sheet (a snapshot of your assets and liabilities at a point in time).

Accountants are trained to both prepare these reports and to interpret them. But most business owners are not accountants.

It is therefore our role as your accountant to ensure you understand your numbers, that we explain them in an understandable and meaningful way. We need to understand what is important to you so far as your business performance is concerned, so that we know what financial information you want.

We will do just that

Your numbers tell your financial story. We will tell you what story they show. It should be consistent with your business performance. And if it is not, you need to know why. 

We will always take the time to explain your numbers, and do so every year. If you are a club, association, charity or not for profit organisation, we will explain to your board, Governors, Trustees or Members.

Some accountants just produce numbers. We interpret them for you, tell you your financial story, and help you to progress your business so that it tells the story you want, and gives you the success you seek.


Every business should produce a budget every year, no matter how basic it may be. Budgets provide something to measure performance against, and help drive the business to achieve what you want it to achieve.

Research suggests businesses with budgets perform 15% to 25% better than those that do not. They seriously help you drive the business forward.

Budgets are often thought of as hard to prepare, but we can help you produce one in just a few hours, and summarise it on one page, so that it becomes an integral part of your business planning each year.

Cash Flow Forecasts

Cash is King! It is so important nowadays to consider cashflow – it is literally the life blood of our business. Yet most people ignore it completely. The balance in the bank may be important but cash flow management helps to tell you what the balance should be, so that when you compare it with the actual balance, what appears to be a healthy balance may actually be a problem (or visa versa).

Predicting cashflow can be notoriously difficult and time consuming, but modern accounting software and other add-ons are beginning to provide fantastic insight. We have been assisting with the development of one such product and can utilise it to see how you are getting on.


Our favourite tool! Imagine we could compare your business with that of your competitors. Would that be of interest to you?

Well we can. We can compare your results with literally hundreds of similar businesses and look at 19 key criteria. Is your performance better worse or about the same as theirs? Using a traffic light system we highlight where they perform better, and we will work with you to get that improvement. After all, if most of your competitors do it better than you, you can improve. And it should be a relatively quick win – because they are already doing it!

We produce a comprehensive but clear report of these key areas for improvement.

Profit Improvement

The UK cycling team has out performed the competition in recent years by making loads of very small changes, which add up to a significant improvement.

We have a huge bank of small changes you can make to improve your business, and can tailor them to the ones that will make the most difference to your business.

We also have expertise in pricing, a key area in all businesses and one that is often ignored. Changing your pricing strategy can easily double your profits!

We also look at gross margins, as it is within the cost of producing goods or delivering services that often produces the best possible profit improvements.

Cost Reduction

Keeping costs under review is so important, as they creep up and before you know it you are spending more. But which costs should you cut? And are some worth paying a bit more for than others?

We will guide you through this and identify savings you can make. We are not emotionally attached to the suppliers and we see the same good and bad names cropping up at clients.

The Seven Ways Business Improvement

You do not have to make huge changes to make a meaningful improvement. The best improvements are actually made by changing many things but by a tiny amount.

Often we cannot cope with making big changes, but we can all make small ones. The Seven Ways formula shows you how several small and very achievable changes can make a very significant change to the bottom line. We have often seen profits increase four fold or more!

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Guy Robinson is the founder and Managing Director of Xebra Accounting, specialising in strategic planning for small to medium sized businesses.

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