Planning and strategy

Businesses require business plans for a variety of reasons, and they can be found in a huge range of styles, from one page plans to thick volumes of analysis and paperwork.

The key point is that business plans should be living documents, with changes being made and adjustments as the journey takes place. Corrections for what has gone wrong, or well.

Few people will ever use a thick business plan once it has been prepared; it sits on the shelf gathering dust!

We prefer focussed one page plans that can be stuck on the wall where you see them every day.

Your business plan may show you where you want to be in 10 years, in 2 years, and have the detail for the next 12 months. You could break the next 12 months down further, typically into 4 quarters or 90 day plans, give each quarter a theme, and then set out exactly what you are to do in that quarter to achieve you plan.

Occasionally formal business plans are necessary, particularly when raising finance, but they are changing, and requirements are changing.

We will spend time with you sorting out what sort of plan you need, who it is for, and how it can be put together effectively and efficiently.


The most successful businesses usually have a coach or mentor working with the owner and/or leader or leadership team.


Because they provide a sounding board to discuss issues as they arise, and because they help businesses to keep focussed on the important issues, goals and objectives.

Coaching is best used when many of the other financial aspects of running a business are in place, or where the first job is to get those elements in place.

We are able to provide this support as part of our work, and where helpful we extend this into making things happen with our pro-active hands on approach, and will even deliver the project for you if required.

Seven Ways to Grow

Seven ways to grow is our innovative way of delivering a programme of growth, where the seven core principals are addressed through a combination of education, support and practical help.

Finance Raising

Raising finance is changing rapidly. Our main high street banks do not lend in the way they used to, and they are often reluctant to lend without personal guarantees.

More and more finance is nowadays raised through on-line lenders, crowd funders, and other new organisations. They often link up to your accounts so that they can monitor financial performance, That way they can react quicker when things are not going as they should.

To some, warning signs may not simply mean a problem, but rather more support.

Modern lenders often need better financial information. Not just at the outset, in order to get the loan approved, but throughout the period of the loan. Cloud accounting and modern bookkeeping enable that to happen – quality bookkeeping with great financial reporting. Add real accountants who understand business to interpret the figures and give you insights, and you as a business owner can react quickly and smartly financial change.

For more information of raining finance book a call or meeting now.

Your Finance Director

Finance Directors are expensive, and typically found within management teams when businesses turning over £10 million or more.

Yet smaller businesses can benefit form using an FD part time. But there are few people about able to provide this service.

We have a BoardView service which enable you to buy just half a day a month of FD services, maybe to attend or run a management or board meeting. You may need more time, and a full day is popular once a month; further time can be added to meet your needs. We can also be flexible adding extra days at short notice when the need arises, to assist with or carry out one off projects.

Organisation, Systems & Processes

As businesses grow they hit growing pains. What appears to work suddenly seems to stop working, and growth becomes hard to achieve, or even goes backwards. Fire fighting may result, as issues keep rearing their heads.

In the early days the business founder is typically involved in everything, and there may be few written down systems. This means that as growth takes place and new people are recruited to help, they do not know how to do it your way.

Systemising the business becomes a must, so that people follow the process you want them to follow. This prevents mistakes being made and allows your culture and values to continue.

We work with many businesses helping them to prepare for the next growth pain, to help them put in place the necessary steps to make that growth as painless as possible.

Marketing plans

In the early days of any business it can be relatively easy to attract new business. You take on everything that comes your way. You reduce prices to cut out the competition. Your overheads are low, and you just need turnover.

But there will soon become a point where you need a more structured marketing approach, to generate leads which you can then hopefully convert into new customers.

Whilst we are not marketing business, our work with start ups, established and high growth businesses does give us enormous experience which we can bring to your business. Marketing is an integral part of your business plan, and we can help identify the areas where you will benefit most from further specialist help.

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Guy Robinson

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Guy Robinson is the founder and Managing Director of Xebra Accounting, specialising in strategic planning for small to medium sized businesses.

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