Business Growth System

Business Growth Services Fareham

We can offer this online resource exclusively in our area to our clients.  It is step by step guide on how to grow your business across a seven month plan through marketing well to generate and convert leads.

Split into four industry sectors; Products, Services, Retail and Restaurant, you are guided through the various stages with online tutorial videos and search facilities tailored to your industry.

A checklist helps you track your progress and how far through the program you have moved.

We use it ourselves so we know it’s good and that’s why we offer it FREE of charge to all our clients.

We offer business growth services in Fareham, as well as Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Bench Marking

benchmarkingLooking at your own business’ results will only tell you so much.  Sure, you can look at trends and compare this year’s performance to last, but that won’t show you how you are performing in the market place compared to your competitors.

Benchmarking compares your results against industry averages to see if you are performing better or worse than your nearest competitors.  You can see what they are doing that makes them successful and what others are doing that you aren’t, good or bad.

Exit Planning

Exit-planningSadly, most business owners overestimate the worth of their business and are left with a lot less than they were expecting when the time come to sell it or retire.

The reason is usually that they have underestimated their own worth to the business and have put no succession plan in place. If a business is heavily reliant on one person, when that person leaves, taking all their skills and knowledge with them, the business will obviously suffer and that will affect the value.

We come up with plans with our client so that they can step away from their business without it suffering or affecting what they are left with.  It may be bringing in extra skills, spreading duties or systemising aspects of the business, so that it can stand on its own aside from the owner – and that can only be a good thing!

Incorporation Planning

Incorporation-planningTurning your sole trader or partnership business into a limited company can have several benefits, including massive tax savings as well as legal security for the owners as individuals.

We help our clients set up their businesses in the best format for them, saving them as much as possible and advising and assisting should that format ever need to change when something more beneficial comes along.

Profit Increasing Ideas

Cost saving should initially focus on cost of sales rather than overheads, as these are a bigger percentage of total costs.
Look to source the cheapest price by having a variety of suppliers and being prepared to move between them.
Postage costs can be reduced by switching from stamps to a franking machine.
You may not be paying the correct level of business rates if you have changed the usage of your building. Areas used for storage attract a lower rate than those used for office space. The Council will not tell you you’re paying too much, it’s up to you to find out.
Heating your office in the winter and cooling it in the summer can be expensive. Would moving the server make it cooler? Would leaving the heating on that extra hour reduce the need for more expensive electric heaters?
Do you have any unused car parking spaces? Could you rent them out to other local businesses who do not have enough? If not, change it to a storage bay as these attract lower business rates than parking spaces.
Reduce lighting costs by making the most of natural light and not blocking spaces. Change to LED lighting or use movement detector switches to automatically turn off lights in areas where nobody is working.
Using an inkjet print is cheaper than laser printing. But do you really need to print that document anyway? Could it be emailed?