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If you are looking for experienced Bookkeepers in Fareham, you have certainly found the right company. Xebra are Platinum Partners with Xero, a revolutionary online bookkeeping package that is as near to real time accounting as you can get.

Designed for business owners, not accountants, Xero is simple for everyone to use, not just those with a background in finance.

Being online allows both us and our clients to access important financial data wherever we are in the world, which can also be accessed on your smart phone or tablet.  Bank statements feed directly in, so at the click of a button you can see how much money you have, how much is coming in and how much is going out, giving you, the business owner, complete control that other packages simply don’t allow for.

We have a team of Certified Xero Advisers here at Xebra, so whether you want us to do all your bookkeeping or just hold your hand whilst doing your own,  we can help you out. From our Hampshire base, are able to provide bookkeeping services in Winchester, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Contact us today if you are looking for a company offering bookkeeping services in Fareham. Our dedicated team can work with you moving forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is essentially the keeping of all financial records relating to the income and outgoings of a business.

Q: What is the main role of a bookkeeper?

The main duties of a bookkeeper involve systematically tracking the income and outgoings of a business, balancing the books to ensure they are as accurate as possible and making sure all financial records are kept and monitored.

Xebra Accountings job as your business bookkeeper is to keep track of all the above to take the stress away from you (the business owner), allowing you to focus on your business. We take care of the finances, while you take care of making your business move forward.

Q: How much do bookkeeping services cost?

The cost of bookkeeping seriously depends on the number of transactions we are required to perform. A quick call to Xebra and we can outline our bookkeeping fees to help you understand what our services cost. We encourage anyone looking for prices to get in touch so we can talk to you about your needs.

Q: How to do bookkeeping when you are self-employed?

Bookkeeping when you are self-employed can be really simple. Generally, it concerns income and expenses, making it easy to ‘keep the books balances’.

Q: Why bookkeeping is important?

Bookkeeping is important for several reasons:

  • It’s required by law.
  • Enables you to fulfill tax obligations with ease.
  • It makes business planning easier.
  • Allows for better financial management and analysing to make important business decisions.
  • If you need to report back to investors, the task will be much easier.

Q: How is bookkeeping different to accounting?

Bookkeeping is essentially the recording of data. Accounting is designed to turn the financial data into valuable information that allows businesses or organisations to make their decisions based on facts rather than figures. While they are two separate entities, they are similar in a lot of ways.