Your Business and the path to Long-Term Financial Freedom

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Tuesday 21 September 2021 | 3pm

Meet Bob and Sue

Bob and Sue own a business turning over £600,000 per year. They each take a salary and dividends. Both are property owners who overpay on their mortgage, and contribute to a pension each month.

They have life goals and plans and both think they know what a good retirement looks like. A place in the sun, time with the grandkids, and plenty of travel. 

They currently have an accountant but aren't sure they are getting value. The tax bill is high, and they are struggling to improve the profit in their business. They are good at what they do but struggle with the numbers.

Neither Bob or Sue work with a financial adviser. They thought they have everything covered. That was until a friend mentioned they'd had a meeting with a financial adviser who showed them how they could be £200,000 better off over the next 10 years, through some adjustments to their finances. They also weren't aware inheritance tax can be legally avoided either.

So, are you in the same position as Bob or Sue? Do you want to ensure you avoid a plateau in business and have control over your finances?

Join us on Tuesday 21 September at 3pm for our 1 hour webinar...

You will learn:

  • The impact a good accountant can have on your profits.
  • How to mitigate tax
  • The importance of budgets and management accounts
  • How a financial adviser can make you wealthier

You will also see a live demonstration of how Bob and Sue's wealth can accumulate over time, through implementing effective financial advice.

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