10 Steps to fight Covid-19

Turn PANIC into PLAN …..

                … so that you emerge stronger when it’s all over!

When crisis happens, people worry. When worry happens, people become negative. Turn this worry into forward-thinking.


Communicate with the following on a daily basis as to any changes / updates you put in place:

  • Your customer base
  • Your networks/social media
  • Your suppliers / stakeholders
  • Your community

Who do YOU need to communicate with?

Tell them what you are doing!

What do you need to say?

What benefit does it have?

Sitting in the dark is the wrong thing to do. Take action, seek out opportunities. Sitting in the dark is the wrong thing to do.


The Chinese have two meanings for the word ‘CRISIS’.

The first stands for danger, the second for opportunity.

In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognise the opportunity.


  • Panic and worry never helps
  • Look for small wins every hour
  • How can I sell something like toilet paper!!
  • Sometimes less news is better
  • You must lead your people through this
  • The virus is not the problem, but the impact on the economy.
  • Focus on how we win through this!


Take the time to put a 90 day plan in place. We will do this with you.

Do not do the same thing you did yesterday for tomorrow and expect a different result! You will be disappointed.

You need to change what you are doing.


The only constant in life is change. Change leads innovation and efficiency, and thus success. Think outside the box.

  • How can you get ahead of your competition?
  • Take action right now!
  • Make the shift to a leaner, better and faster business by systemising and simplifying
  • processes
  • Focus on streamlining your products, services, pricing, delivery and staffing
  • You may need to add delivery to your service i.e. online/phone delivery
  • Assess any staffing changes needed
  • Assess your packaging and accounts
  • Communicate well with customers
  • If people won’t come to you, you will have to go to them!


Cost-cutting has to be the top priority in the crisis. The key is to lower costs intelligently and flexibly, thus minimising negative long-term repercussions. Cutting the wrong costs will hurt your business when the crisis is all over.

This is the biggest economic crisis to hit us…cash will be King.

But do not cut back on Sales & Marketing, the key tools needed to help you grow.

  • Stop spending unnecessarily
  • Where can you reduce outlays?
  • Renegotiate any deals / supplier contracts NOW
  • Slow things down or postpone where possible
  • Keep investing in marketing and selling!


Be realistic about your staffing needs. How much will sales fall by, and cut staff accordingly. Furlough those you do not have work for. But remember you do need people when this is all over, and you need people to get your business in even better order whilst we are in this crisis.

  • If you have to let staff go, do it all at one time
  • Try offering staff less hours / half days
  • Remember, pay cuts are an option
  • Suspend bonus programmes for the time being


This crisis will change working from home for ever. Many will discover its benefits, whilst others will hate it. Technology will mean we can actually work form home and it will be a new alternative for many in the future.

  • What Technology is needed for you to work from home?
  • How will you hold meetings and report key information?
  • How will you keep up your customer service?
  • How will you communicate with your team remotely?
  • How will you motivate your employees?
  • Remember, it may be for weeks or months


Do not stop your marketing; you need to maintain your profile and be available throughout this crisis. Then you will be remembered and available when it is all over.

  • You have to keep up your Marketing activity to ensure you remain in the minds of your
  • current and potential customers; Increase, not decrease!
  • This also gives you a chance to get ahead of your competition
  • Measure your Leads x Conversion Rates x Number of Transaction x Added Value X GP
  • Create new offers/rates
  • Where possible, get paid up front


Work hard to keep your existing customer base. They will love the help you give, even if it is just keeping in touch. Remember it’s easier to keep existing clients, and grow existing clients, than it is to win new ones, and they are more loyal.

  • Existing customers are the best customers
  • Create deals just for them
  • Communication via email and Social Media is vital
  • Bulk Buys, Cash Up Front Offers
  • Keep your customers at all costs


Common sense, calmness and a caring approach will go a long way.  People like people, and they want someone to talk to.  They do not understand what is going on – none of us do – but we gain amazing comfort from a chat.

  • Think of yourself as a customer – what would you want – how would you react?
  • Over deliver on your customer service – go above and beyond
  • Put people first…be nice!
  • Be yourself and enjoy helping people!